Kuramochi Asuka announces graduation

Another one! The initial announcement appeared in Sankei Sports newspaper, but Karamochi Asuka also confirmed the announcement on her official blog.

Kuramochi Asuka updated her blog earlier this morning (July 19th, 2015 JST), which confirmed her graduation announcement.  Here is the translation.

“It was announced in today’s Sankei Newspaper, but I, Kuramochi Asuka, will graduate from AKB48.” (今日のサンケイスポーツさんで発表させていただきましたが私、倉持明日香はAKB48を卒業します。)

“Since I was a first generation understudy, and since I was promoted, I’ve been part of AKB48 for about 8 years”. (私は一期研究生として合格してから約8年間、AKB48として活動してきました。)

“In the last reformation, I became captain of Team B, and even though I’d never had the experience of being captain, every day has been a new learning experience.” (組閣でチームBのキャプテンになり今まで、キャプテンという立場を経験したことがなかった私にとって毎日が新鮮で毎日が勉強でした。)

“During last year’s team tour, I was able to feel the growth of many of my junior members. Not just in their performances, but also during their times as MC, and during lessons…” (去年チームでツアーをさせていただいた時に、たくさんの後輩たちの成長を感じることができました。表に見えるパフォーマンスだけでなく、MCだったりレッスンの時だったり…)

“At those times, I felt that my usefulness had come to an end. I feel that I’ve completed the conquest of sorting out the younger members.” (その時、私の役目は終わった気がしました。今まで苦手だった、チームをまとめるということも1人1人のことを見るということも克服できたような気がします。)

“It’s precisely because I love this team from the bottom of my heart that I want to graduate as part of this team” (こんなに心から大好きになれたチームだからこそこのチームで卒業したいって思いました。)

“Also, the thing I’ve found during my time in AKB48 is ‘communication'”. (そして、私がAKB48の活動を通して見つけたのが【伝えること】です。)

“Right now, even during my challenging work as a sports caster, and though I’m really satisfied communicating my words to athletes and people who support athletes, I’ve come to realize the magnificence of sports.” (今、挑戦させていただいているスポーツキャスターのお仕事でも選手や選手を支えている方を自分の言葉で伝える難しさを実感していますが、それ以上にスポーツの素晴らしさに気づくことが出来ました。)

“Using my words to communicate, through the sports that I love, is one challenge that I’d like to continue doing” (大好きなスポーツを通して言葉を伝えることは、これからも積極的に挑戦していきたいことのひとつです。)

“And then there’s one more thing. The strength of ‘dialogue’ through using words, and taking on the challenge of theater performances that give everyone strength, is something that I want to continue doing. So, right now, because I’ve got a new dream and and a new goal to pursue, I’ve decided to graduate.” (そしてもうひとつ。「セリフ」という力強い言葉を通して皆さんを元気にするお芝居にも挑戦していきたいと思っています。だから今、新しい目標・夢に向かって歩き出したいと思い卒業を決意しました。)

“It’s really been a very strong 8 years” (本当に濃厚な8年。)

“I’ve met so many people. I’ve had so many experiences. I’ve discovered new parts of myself. All of that is precious to me” (たくさんの方に“出会い”。いろんな“経験”をして私の知らなかった“自分”を見つけました 。その全てが私の宝物です。)

“From now on, I won’t be the AKB48’s Kuramochi Asuka. I’ll just be Kuramochi, and I’d be very happy if you considered to support me” (これからはAKB48の倉持明日香ではなくなりますが1人の倉持明日香という人間をこれからも支えてもらえたら嬉しいです。)

“My graduation theater event will be on August 17th” (卒業公演は8月17日。)

“I’ll only be around for another month, but I’ll value each day, absorb it, and continue to grow” (残り約1ヶ月の活動となりますが1日1日を大切にまだまだたくさん吸収して、成長したいと思います!)

“Thank you very much for the last 8 years” (本当に8年間、ありがとうございました。)

“Up util now, I’m thankful to everyone who has encouraged me and the staff who has supported me. I’d like to approach my graduation day with that thanks in mind.” (今まで応援してくださったファンの皆様、支えて下さったスタッフの皆様に感謝をしながら卒業の日を迎えたいと思います。)

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  • Sam

    Holy shit… one by one the iconic members are graduating..

    Now is Kobashi Kenta’s oportunity! lol

    • reika

      Honestly, that would be pretty interesting if Mocchi starts dating Kobashi!

      • Sam

        They belong together♥

  • Kazuma Hirata

    I wish Mocchi luck with her career after her graduation.

  • h36113

    Mocchi is great, she´ll do fine. She has the looks and I think the understanding and insight for her field of action, too.
    And her father was a pro baseballer.

    It was clear this day would come, and would come soon, as she didn´t participate in this years SSK. And wasn´t she released from Team B captain for Takahashi Yuri´s sake?

    • reika

      Yes, you’re correct I think. She didn’t participate in the last election after all.

      I’m am not sure anymore because there are so many shuffles, lol. Juri is Team 4, I thought?

      • Mechabolt

        She was in team B before this year’s reshuffled.

  • Jack

    One of the members I liked early on. Good luck to her!