AKB48 Team G

AKB48, Team G! Wait, something’s not right here…

Professional impersonations are nothing new to AKB48, perhaps the most well known being Kintaro’s version of Maeda Atsuko. Mimicry goes to a whole new level with the Nise-AKB48, Team G!

“Nise” is an reference to Japanese word that means “Fake”.  Celebrity impersonator named Miruka does her impression of Shimazaki Haruka, but it also seems that another set of impersonators created an entire fake AKB team: Team G!

Courtesy of their official website’s profile page, here are the members of Nise-AKB48 Team G:









And here is Miruka’s impression of Paruru, courtesy of her official blog (is that a Miorin imposter?!?!?):

miruka paruru

According to the official Team G website, they also hold Request Hours and live performances.  Therefore, you can definitely meet Team G!

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • i just throw up.

    • reika

      lol, please don’t make too much mess 😀

  • JaneO

    Hilarious! Akbzine, please updates us also on Facebook. I thought the site’s dead for 3 days >.<

    • reika

      Sorry, I’ll try to update it sometimes (^_^)

      • Nica09FM

        OMG me too.. Reika and akbzine, thanks for everything I got from you. If only you know how much joy your site gives me everytime I’m here.

  • Sam

    This is disturbing… but funny.

    • reika

      Lol, I had the same feelings too (^^)

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Hahaha this so cool i wish they would be featured in AKBINGO or something and interact with the real members it would be hella funny XD