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It’s a slow week forgetting the sadness of Nogizaka46

It’s our last day in Kansai. We went to see Nogizaka46’s Documentary, which is currently airing in theaters in Japan. It knocked us out…

After arriving during the midst of Typhoon #11, we spent a few days enjoying indoor types of activities because it wouldn’t stop raining. It cleared up for a few days, and we headed to adjoining areas of Kansai, most notably Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe.

One day we woke up, and after being slapped in the face with Mocchi’s graduation announcement, we didn’t feel like doing anything. We decided to take it slow and wander around Osaka’s Den-Den Town, and then wandered up to the Umeda district for a while.

nogizaka documentary ticket

Then I had a brilliant idea! “Hey, let’s go watch the Nogizaka46 Documentary. That’ll make us feel better!”

Wrong. Oh so wrong. I’ll spare the details, but there were some people crying in the theater (T_T) Of course, not ME, because I would NEVER cry, EVAR!

paruru crying

Some general overall comments about the documentary:

  • I like how the narration was done by each member’s parents. It gave a more personal touch to the whole affair.
  • They focused on very specific and mostly popular members. I wish they spread it out a little more.
  • They covered the scandals. Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that. It was pretty heartbreaking seeing the girls crying and apologizing to everyone.

Perhaps I’ll give a more thorough review another time.

Anyhow, it’s been a slow week on Or at least it feels like it. We’re currently in another cafe around Umeda Train Station in Osaka. There are thunderstorms today. Eh.

If you’ve never been to Umeda, one very interesting feature: the train terminal run by Hankyu Railway has the largest number of tracks of a any privately run train station in Japan. Their train cars also have a distinct, dark, murasaki-like color to them:

"Hankyu Umeda station1" by 本屋 - 本屋's file (self-made). Licensed under CC 表示-継承 3.0 via ウィキメディア・コモンズ.

It’s quite a sight getting off the train for the first time, and seeing the sheer number of tracks.

I’m guessing a lot of foreigners miss out on this place because it is not part of Japan Rail. It’s just my personal opinion, but it’s much more convenient to get around Osaka via the local subway!

Anyhow… uh, what was I saying? Okay, the site.  AKB48. Idols. Let’s see.  Team member updates?

Reika: with her iPad and Nintendo 3DS out, “It might not look like it, but I’m super busy!” (こうみえても、超忙しんだよ!).  Uh, okay.

Jerry: I picked up a copy of AKB Shinbun a few days ago, because there seems to be an interesting interview article that everyone is quoting. I may post a translation later.  I’m also thinking about getting back into subbing AKB 1/149, and also thinking about subbing some of the “Bokura wa kangaeru yoru” episodes. When I get back home, that is.

Yuki: Well, I got in touch with Yuki again, who’s been missing in action recently. He started the OL-chan translation series (which he says he’ll continue), but says he has some longer posts and non-idol news articles he wants to put up. So we’ll see.  Ganbare yuki!! We miss you man.

Eh, anyway, that was a long update.  I guess I’ll close with a tiny video of some scenery in Kyoto?

Bye for now.

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  • Mechabolt

    So far all the documentary i’ve watched of AKB group has been pretty sad.They’re really good documentary,but some part was just filled with emotion and sadness.

    Also since the site is a bit quiet lately,i really wouldnt mind just update on your actual trip haha.The closest some of us will get to Japan,probably.

    • reika

      To be honest, this is the first one I’ve watched 😀 I have the Blu-rays of the other documentaries, but just haven’t gotten around to watching them. Yah, laziness.

      Hmm. I’ll think of something to put up about the trip 😀

      • reika

        But maybe most of the trip is me just playing video games lol.

      • Mechabolt

        The Flower without rain from last year i think was really excellent.Shows the behind the scene of reshuffling team.

    • reika

      But maybe this trip is mostly just me playing video games lol

      • NOO NOOO NOOOOO! Don’t tell them the REAL reason we’re here!!!

        • Mechabolt

          Coincidence that you guys were there when Pokken officially released???

    • Seriously, even the non-AKS documentary by Fuji TV was pretty sad! I wonder if that’s on purpose.

      Haha, well, we don’t do a lot of sightseeing so I’m not sure how interesting a trip update would be. With all the typhoons and crappy weather, it kinda limited activities too. But maybe I’ll put something up about Akiba and / or Nakano Broadway? We shall see!

  • yuki

    Aww thanks. I feel so loved. I see this place is still in one piece too 🙂