Kojimako: I’m great at Mario Kart, so I can probably drive

Mario Kart is quite possible the greeting driving simulator ever made. Its ultra realistic vehicle handling, red shells, bananas have apparently prepared Kojima Mako for the task of real world driving!

This comes courtesy of 14 generation 755 chat.  Apparently, there was some chat about 14th gen members taking a trip to a hot spring, when the topic of who’s able to drive came up.  Kojima Mako chimes in:





Kojimako: “I’m good at Mario Kart, so I can probably do it (drive)”. Of course, Okada Nana is there to suggest otherwise:


マリオカートとは 全然違うらしいよ



Okada Nana: “Driving is really different from Mario Kart!”

According, 2ch discusses the merits and finer details of Mario Kart, the driving simulator.

  • “I think it’s possible”
  • “She’d probably land out of out bounds in Rainbow Bridge”
  • “That’s so cute. I want to play Mario Kart with her”
  • “That’s only true if you play Grand Theft Auto”
  • “Mako’s drift is truly awesome”
  • “She should at least play Ridge Racer”
  • “Well, we don’t know if she’s even good at Mario Kart or not.”
  • “Stop throwing Banana’s and shells!!”

Do you trust this girl to drive you around?!


Author: reika

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  • Sam

    Kojimako’s logic: I’m great playing Mario, so I can parkour like mad! lol
    Still like her xD