oshima yuko,大島優子

Oshima Yuko’s graduation announcement

Oshima Yuko makes her AKB48 graduation announcement during NHK’s Utagassen 2013. This is old news, here for archival / historical purposes!

Author: jerry

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  • Tara Tisdel

    I remember Oshima Yuko’s grad announcement was controversial at the time. She received quite a lot of flak for it. I’m not sure but was it because of the setting she chose to do it? Even Kyary Pamyu took a indirect dig at her for it. Can someone explain it better?

    • Jan Pietersen

      I’m curious too. But she did it very smooth and professional.

    • Well, from what I remember, I think it was just the timing and setting. NHK’s Utagassen has been known to get around 50% viewership ratings in Japan (even extremely popular TV shows only reach 10-15% ratings), so a lot of non-AKB fans watch the show. Probably some people felt it would have been more appropriate to do it at an AKB concert, for instance.