ota yuri,太田夢莉

Useless #7: Sitting Paruru, sitting Ricchan, an Ota Yuri’s twintail

We will focus on sitting. Because looking at Shimazaki Haruka and Kawaei Rina sitting down is pretty Useless. Also, let’s look at some hair, since Ota Yuri’s hair looks lovely useless too.

First, let’s look at some sitting, because everyone loves sitting.  More importantly, let’s took at the cuteness of Kawaei Rina as she sits with her senior members:

kawaei rina sitting
Cute! (^o^)/

She’s shorter than her seniors. When I see this, I’m reminded of Tomochin:

tomochin short,板野友美,ともちん

But speaking of sitting, Shimazaki Haruka also likes to sit… even when everyone is standing:

paruru sitting

And lastly, we saw Takamina treating us to her very rare twin tail hairstyle. NMB48’s Ota Yuri seems to be doing the same!

ota yuri

Let’s take a look at Takamina!

takamina twin tails,たかみな,高橋みなみ


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  • Nica09FM

    I just love the useless news series so much!

    • reika

      I’m glad you enjoy it (^-^)

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    I really love the useless news lmao tomochin looks so cute XD paruru on the other hand lol princess paruru and her legs tho its white as snow and she looks so pretty

    • reika

      lol, glad you are enjoying it!

      I’m also surprised how white Paruru’s skin is! Some people also noted it during the their FNS performance: