kojiharu ted,小嶋陽菜,こじはる,テッド

Kojiharu marries a teddy bear

As part of the movie, “Ted”, coming to Japan, Kojima Haruna has been inaugurated as part of The Official Ted Fan Club, donning a wedding dress and posing with Ted (or his likeness?!).

It seems that Kojima Haruna is a huge fan of the first film, which first came out in 2013, and is well known for its “middle-aged” teddy bear who loves dirty jokes and saying “poisonous” phrases.

The offer of being part of the Ted’s official fan club supposedly came from “Ted” himself  (itself?), to which Kojima readily accepted.  Some official photos have appeared on Kojiharu’s official Instagram account:

kojiharu ted,小嶋陽菜,こじはる,テッド

kojiharu ted,小嶋陽菜,こじはる,テッド

kojiharu ted,小嶋陽菜,こじはる,テッド

The movie is scheduled for release in Japan on August 28th, 2015.

It’s also interesting to note that the Japanese voiceover of Ted in the original movie was performed by Ariyoshi Hiroki — the host of Kyowa Koku, on which Kojima is a regular.

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  • h36113

    Now I´d like to see a fight between that Wrestler (who inviTED her) and the bear.

  • Sam

    Now a freaking Teddy Bear has better luck than me…


    • reika

      Don’t give up! You can find a nice bear too, lol.