murashige anna,村重杏奈

Useless #8: Mayuyu’s eel, Karen’s sexy new look, Murashige Anna’s nonfiction

Hmm, there’s not many useless things lately.  But today, we see Mayuyu with Eel-Man, Iwata Karen and Ito Tomu’s sexy new clothes, and Murashige Anna’s Nonfiction.

Watanabe Mayu once again proves her love of funny characters from anime. While she is not looking at the butts of fluffy characters, she also has time to fondle Mr. Anago, a character from classic comic series Sazae-san:

Do you know the word “anago”?  It’s an eel similar to unagi.

We all know that the girls of AKB48 try their hardest to take care of themselves and be their cutest.  However, it seems Iwata Karen and Ito Tomu have found a shortcut to sexiness:








And last, as we saw with Shimada Haruka in AKB48 episode of The Nonfiction (unranked member documentary), Murashige Anna also feels the pain of attending an event with an empty line:

murashige anna

murashige anna 01

No matter how cute you are, this is the reality of AKB48!


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  • Nica09FM

    Fun as always! Love the Murashige part!

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Haha mayuyu is such a child. Owoah a nonfiction specially for murashige? woah that’s awesome but there are like tons of unranked members in the 48 family i wish that those girls would be given a chance like to be featured in a docu like Hirari, she’s bilingual and all and she’s been in AKB for quite sometime but she has never ranked. (and I wish that AKBzine would check the murashige docu out and sub it hahaha xp)

    • reika

      oh, Murashige is not part of documentary. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      I thought Mayuyu’s so cute because she’s so passionate about her hobby. With other members, it’s hard to get a sense of their personality sometimes.

      That’s strange since I thought Hirari would be more popular!