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Yukirin tops Yahoo Japan’s Top 20 Monthly Search Ranking

Japanese people say they hate competition, but they love rankings!  This time, Yahoo Japan shows us that Kashiwagi Yuki tops the search rankings for June, 2015.

First, the result from Yahoo Japan’s search ranking page, when filtered down to the “people” category:

yahoo search ranking june 2015

Translated results of the top 10, some you might recognize (and some you may not!):

  1. Kashiwagi Yuki
  2. AKB48
  3. Arashi
  4. Mr. Children
  5. Nishikori Kei
  6. Hirose Suzu
  7. Hanyu Suzuru
  8. Nogizaka46
  10. Toho Shinki

Oddly enough, no other 48-group members appear.  If we look down to after the top 10, Sashihara Rino ranks in at #11.  Tegoshi Yuya, who… uh, had appeared in some news with Kashiwagi Yuki, ranks in at #13.  Below Sasshi, no other 48-group members rank in the top 20.

Of course, June is a relatively special month, since that’s when the election takes place.  If you look at search rankings for the month of May, for example, there are no 48-group members present at all (Yukirin included).

And if you are wondering what tops Yahoo Search rankings, regardless of category, it is the keyword, “YouTube”!

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