NGT48 1st generation auditions completed!

The first generation auditions for members of NGT48 took place today, with 22 members selected!

The auditions took place on July 25th, 2015, and included 74 candidates.  A lot of the candidates were also girls who took part in various other auditions and collaborations including part-time AKB members and former draft candidates.

Of the 74 pre-screened candidates, 38 of them are natives of Niigata Prefecture.  Out of the 22 members who passed the audition, 12 of them were natives of Niigata Prefecture.  The youngest candidate is 12 years old, with the oldest being 20 years old, with an average overall age between 15 and 16.

No names were introduced or announced, except for a group photo of the candidates who passed the audition:




Also, Akimoto-P comments on the audition via 755:




Akimoto: “The NGT48 Audition is over. There’s nothing but wonderful girls here, and it was a really difficult competition. If you didn’t pass, don’t give up, and please try again.”

Introductions and debut of members to the public will take place at the end of August, while they begin lessons in the meantime!

Author: reika

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  • Jack

    Good luck to those girls. I wonder if Kitarie will be another Sasshi?

    • reika

      That’s interesting! Let’s see how NGT48 turns outs.

  • YuiNounen

    good luck ~

    • reika

      Yay! (^-^)v