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Arab millionaire wota takes part in SNH48 election

Many people claim that foreign fans are responsible for great upsets in 48-group elections, which makes SNH48’s newest high-profile fan, an Arabian millionaire, very noteworthy.

The aforementioned wota, who is originally from the United Arab Emirates, was seen on July 26th in Shanghai, in front of the Mercedez-Benz Culture Center, and was said to have arrived in order to watch the SHN48 General Election Concert.

His oshimen is Ju Jing Yi, also known as “Kiku-chan”, as was apparent by the number of otaku goods that he carried with him, which included an official towel, and a large sign with Kiku’s name on it.

arab snh48

Here’s a photo of Kiku-chan.  For science!

ju jing yu

Many take note of his financial status, as it may have implications on election votes.  More money does mean being able to buy more votes.

However, it seems like he does not throw a terrible amount of money away in the election, as his oshimen only achieved a #2 rank in the last election.  Voting tickets for SHN48 are also said to be only 780 yen, which is much cheaper than obtaining Japanese voting tickets.

Regardless, he seems to wear his otaku-ness very proudly:

arab snh48 02

arab snh48 01

arab snh48 03

Some of the comments online from fellow wota, via 2ch:

  •  “She’s got an oil millionaire following her, but she’s only #2? LOL”
  • “He’s probably just checking it out this year.  Next year is when he gets serious, haha”
  • “If she’s got someone like this following her, she’ll be unstoppable!”
  • “Maybe she’ll become a millionaire’s princess, right?  Maybe she’ll quit, or try to make her way into AKB48’s election.  I really want to see Arab fans and Sasshi wota fight it out!”
  • “These aren’t Chinese votes; they’re Arab votes”
  • “I laughed so much at these photos. What kind of filming is this? hahaha”
  • “Is this for real? If SNH48 has gone into the Arab world, that means they’ve gone global. Worldwide!”
  • “Wow, this really came out of nowhere.”

It’s not confirmed, but there are many who believe that this is fake and it was staged as a type of viral promo.

Staged or not, who can say really. Let’s see if this makes SNH48 more popular.

Author: reika

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  • ハル

    wow, lets see how kiku ranking next year :v

    • reika

      I wonder if she’ll rank highly. There was some news that last year’s first place winner is now unranked!

      • Mechabolt

        Yup,i heard this as well.Crazy really.

      • Shiori

        That’s true. It’s actually not as crazy as you guys think 🙂
        Wu Zhehan was a member of average popularity, even back then during the first election. She was a dark horse who won mainly due to having wealthy fans who boosted her to the top despite her fanbase being quite modest. This year, there were 2 more generations competing, so of course she’d drop off the board. She was never THAT popular to begin with.

        • reika

          Ah, I see! Thanks for the information. I guess also that SNH’s elections have much smaller volume of votes as well, so this makes sense. I think it was surprising for me because I can’t imagine if, say, Sasshi became unranked!

          • Shiori

            You’re welcome ^-^ and yes, the first election was quite modest. But this year’s second election, in comparison to the first, has gotten much bigger. I think it’s safe to predict that SNH elections will continue to grow. It’s just hard for the girls, because as elections get bigger, their fanbase has to keep up. If not, they fall from the ranks quite drastically T-T

  • نورة الشريف

    Iam arabic fans snh48 not really popular in arab like akb48 most of us like akb more than snh we see snh when there no news about akb and Everything translator about akb but snh there nothing translator and most of us dont voite to akb or snh because the family not allow and other things related to religion

    • reika

      Oh, I see! Thanks for sharing the comment. I’m surprised there are so many 48 fans from all over the world!

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Fake or not that’s pretty awesome tbh lol more publicity for my SNH princess kiku XD I hope she wins next year

    • reika

      Do you follow SNH48? I’m not so familiar with them, but I just saw this news (^_^;

      • Payuyu Fortyeight

        Yea I only follow Kiku-chan only tho but it’s good that this happened cause they’re not that popular yet ^_^;;

        • reika

          Oh I see. I don’t follow them so closely because I don’t know any Chinese language lol. Kiku-chan is really cute though!