Halloween Night official website launches; countdown begins

AKB48’s new single has an official website.  If that wasn’t odd enough, it also has a mysterious countdown!

Naturally, the website says nothing – just that something is “coming soon”:

halloween night site

Presumably the countdown timer is counting the days to Halloween.  Thematically speaking, this fits nicely with the overall theme of the Halloween Night single in general, but what’s going to happen on October 31st?!?!

Another interesting fact is that the countdown timer started at exactly 100 days before, but no one really noticed until now.

halloween night countdown
The mysterious countdown to Halloween

No one knows what’s going to happen, but here’s some of the speculation:

  • “It’s just an announcement for Halloween Night, right?”
  • “They’ll probably just do a costume party and have everyone dance”
  • “They did something like this two years ago.  Maybe it’s a collaboration with Disney.  Disney is putting a lot of effort into a Halloween event this year.”
  • “I’ve never enjoyed Halloween a single time in my life, haha”
  • “A Halloween Festival in the city?”

Are you looking forward to Halloween this year?  You can check out the official site here.

Author: reika

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