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Useless #9: Renacchi Funassyi, serious Kojima, Sayaka Jackson

It’s time to look uselessly look at some faces! In today’s useless news, we look at Kato Rena’s transformation into Funasshi, Kojima Mako’s super serious and scary face, and Akimoto Sayaka’s transformation into Michael Jackson.

Do you know about Funassyi? He (or she?) is mascot for the Funabashi City, located in Chiba Prefecture (located to the east of Tokyo prefecture). Funassyi is extremely popular, most notable for the fact that, unlike previous mascots, he talks. Here’s a photo of Funassyi:

And next, we note Kato Rena’s transformation into Funassyi:


The transformation is not perfect, but pretty good! Speaking of faces, let’s take a look at Kojima Mako’s usual face:

kojimako,kojima mako,こじまこ,小嶋真子2

She is usually seen smiling but recently, some internet users show us a very entirely-too-serious and non-smiling Kojimako:

kojima mako,kojimako,こじまこ,小嶋真子

It seems like rare footage of non-smiling Mako, but it also seems that Mako has been known to not smile a lot:

kojima mako,kojimako,こじまこ,小嶋真子

kojima mako,kojimako,こじまこ,小嶋真子

kojima mako,kojimako,こじまこ,小嶋真子

kojima mako,kojimako,こじまこ,小嶋真子

Also, let’s witness the transformation from her super serious face to her smiling face:

Imgur GIF

Can you imagine meeting her with this face?!

The last face we get to look at is from a former member of AKB48, Akimoto Sayaka. This comes courtesy of Oshima Yuko’s twitter feed. Apparently, Yuko told Sayaka, “Dress up a little before you come”, and this is the result:

sayaka jackson

Of course, it’s a coincidence that she also did a very “good” impression of Michael Jackson on an older episode of AKBingo. Good or not, it was certainly very funny! And here’s a video, for old time’s sake:


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  • Sam

    I’m becoming a big fan of the useless but useful information section..

    BTW, Kojimako’s serious face is prettier than the smiling one… =P

    • reika

      lol, thanks for enjoying it (^_^) I thought both Kojimako faces are cute!!