HKT48 Official History book: “Kusattara, make”

If you give up, you lose. Here are some translations of summary and details of the first official history book!

The book’s publication and release were announced during an HKT48 Live On Demand concert.  The official HKT48 youtube channel also has an announcement trailer:

There’s also an official site, which says the book will go on sale on August 8th, 2015. Here’s a summary from the official site:

“Interviews from all members who have been with HKT48 from the beginning. This complete document will also include the testimony from local mass media, Theater Manager Ozaki, Sashihara Rino, and her transfer. Famous low points, withdrawals, transfers, mixed feelings about the center, echoing screams behind-the-scenes at concerts. The many events that attacked HKT48. At those times, what were these girls thinking?”

“And also, what did Sashihara Rino do after she transferred? From this important history, images, testimony, a story about the truth hidden beneath their smiles has been brought forth.”

Some bullet points follow the summary:

  • Those who were chosen and those not chosen.
  • ‘The popularity gap’. ‘Rivalries’. ‘Impatience’. ‘The pain of not being rewarded’
  • Situations too cruel for girls in their teens.
  • But they never lost hope.
  • Each individual member reveals her true feelings for the first time.
  • You can’t read this without crying.
  • This coming of age story is one sale soon!

There also seem to be some short comments from Kodama Haruka and Miyawaki Sakura.

Kodama Haruka: “I talked alot about my true feelings that were always shut in my mind.  I’m really nervous since I’ll be speaking about my ‘true feelings’ to everyone for the first time. But I’d be glad if more people came to know and talk more about HKT48.”

Miyawaki Sakura: “If you read this book you’ll understand HKT48’s history.  When I read it, I remembered a lot of old members, and I started tearing up… Please check out HKT48’s history book, ‘Kusattara Make’.”

In addition, it seems that the pre oder page for the book on Rakuten has the table of contents listed:

HKT48 Kusattara Make Table of Contents
HKT48 Kusattara Make Table of Contents

Translation as follows:

  • HKT48 Member Introductions
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: While holding hands
  • Chapter 2: Unable to slip away, darkness
  • Chapter 3: Sasshi’s finally arrived!
  • Chapter 4: The coming of “2nd generation” wind
  • Chapter 5: The birth of Sasshi as manager in Hakata
  • Chapter 6: Summer. The flaming up of HKT48.
  • Chapter 7: Run! Hakata, from Kyushu to the entire country!
  • Chapter 8: The future of HKT48
  • HKT48 Data Collection
  • Data 1: Senbatsu Sousenkyo rankings
  • Data 2: HKT48 Event Chronology
  • Data 3: HKT48 History Photo collection
  • Data 4: HKT48 Discography
  • Data 5: Lastly, questions to 48 members

And last, the book’s cover has also been revealed:

kusattara make cover

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  • thanks for covering this news. I have to admit, even as an HKT fan myself, i was caught off-guard by the news. It was very sudden. But i actually welcome it. I want it to share things i don’t know. And member’s POV of what happened is very interesting.

    • reika

      Of course you’re welcome (^-^) I want to know some more of HKT48 too. I’m also excited for the documentary coming soon!