Kayano Shinobu vs Matsuko Deluxe

Off shoot photos from the staff version of Halloween Night appeared on Takamina’s 755 account, and one can’t help buy notice that Shinobu-chan looks like someone familiar…

Do you know Matsuko Deluxe?  He is a very popular cross-dressing TV personality, appearing on many TV shows, and is well known for his strong and interesting opinions.  He has a certain…. “look” about him, which is very distinct:

matsuko deluxe

I think most everyone knows Kayano Shinobu, who is often referred to as “Shinobu-chan” amongst members.  In recent photos from Takahashi Minami’s 755 account, Shinobu-chan makes her appearance as such:

kayano shinobu deluxe
Shinobu Deluxe?!

Is she doing cosplay of Matsuko Deluxe?!


Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Nottan

    Hey isnt that the same guy who said that akb shouldn’t be the singing ambassadors in Japan 2020 olympics? I feel like punching this guy for being all friendly towards takamina after saying all that

    • reika

      I don’t know if he said such a thing, but it sounds like something he’d say. He has some very controversial opinions occasionally, but that’s just his opinion.

      That’s Shinobu-chan being friendly with Takamina, lol. Shinobu-chan’s outfit just makes her look like Matsuko. I’m sorry if it’s unclear.

    • Kiki

      Ehh matsuko says alot of things that piss off alot of people. That’s her thing.
      I gets where she’s come from tho since AKB aren’t talented and they tend to lipsync. You can easily find many people agree that AKB would embarrass Japan. but honestly you’re suppose to just have fun at the Olympic so if AKB can get people to have fun and cheer up then I don’t really care. One Direction performed at London closing olympic and they’re not that much different from an asian idol group

  • fiorella

    I appeared in one of Matsuko x Matsuko’ episode =D it was really funny!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLSkctozCLU check it out, if you want!!! (I’m the second one- Fiorellasan =D) Have fun!!!

    • reika

      Wow, you’re appeared on Japanese TV? Thanks for sharing!

      Matsuko Deluxe is so entertaining 🙂 I hope you find that Japanese boyfriend 🙂

      • fiorella

        ahahahah thank you =D so far I just would like to find a job in Japan 😉 I’m going back to Osaka in April for 6 months to study and I really hope that i can stay there longer =D