Minegishi Minami appears in Halloween Night

Sasshi makes a request to her Twitter followers to photoshop Halloween Night header images to include friend and fellow member Minegishi Minami.  And it happens. Such is the power of Sashihara Rino!

First the request:

Please, someone photoshop this header to include Miichan! Accordingly, Minegishi Minami provides her Halloween Night photos for image manipulation purposes:

Accordingly, here are some of the resulting photoshopped images that fans came up with:

Miichan is certainly here...
Miichan is certainly here…

Someone goes a step further, and decides to put Minegishi all over the place:

halloween night miichan 02

And last, the “winning” image chosen by Sasshi herself:

halloween night miichan 03
Can you find Miichan?!

All the smoke is helpful in getting Miichan’s appearance in there!

Author: reika

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