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Useless #10: Paruru’s Twitter, Team 8’s Oguri Yui, Fuuchan hates the sun

What’s useless today? Glad you asked!  Shimazaki Haruka tweets for the first time, Team 8’s Oguri Yui is loaded with cuteness, and Yagura Fuuko hates the sun.

With Paruru’s recent disappearance from her various SNS services, it comes as a surprise when she’s found on Twitter.  Though, it’s not what you expect!  Here’s the tweet in question:

The text says, “This is the Shimazaka Haruka (really).  This is my first tweet”.  Unfortunately, it’s not an indicated that she’s opened a Twitter account, as the tweet appears on Shimada Haruka’s account. Perhaps it’s not so far-fetched, as she is a fellow 9th generation member as well.

Next, some Team 8 news!  While is seems that some otaku don’t consider Team 8 as really part of AKB48, the team still has many fans. Recently, extremely cute pictures of Oguri Yui have been making rounds on the internet!

Oguri Yui,小栗有以,Yuiyui,ゆいゆい

Oguri Yui,小栗有以,Yuiyui,ゆいゆい

Oguri Yui,小栗有以,Yuiyui,ゆいゆい

Oguri Yui,小栗有以,Yuiyui,ゆいゆい

Oguri Yui,小栗有以,Yuiyui,ゆいゆい

Oguri Yui is also known as “YuiYui”. These photos were from a recent performance at Toyota’s Mega Web, located in Odaiba.  You can watch the full performance here:

Next, and last, a few NMB48 members headed over to Bali to have some summertime fun at the beach!  Here’s a photo, but pay attention to Yagura Fuuko, who appears on the right:

yagura fuuko

Hmm, okay; she’s wearing all black and long sleeves. That’s not too bad… I guess.  Here’s an even closer look:



She’s turned into a witch?!?! Next, the members head to the beach, where everyone has changed clothes; except for Fuuchan, who is content with her witch costume:

beach 00

beach 01

beach 02

It seems that Yagura Fuuko hates the sun.


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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Paruru is such a troll tbh XD she’s like the second coming of troll mariko

    • reika

      lol, seriously. The 48-group needs more interesting characters!

  • YuiNounen

    from which show that NMB screenshots are taken?

    • Mechabolt

      The new “Bali Bali Bullet Tour” i believe.its very new.

      • YuiNounen

        thanks ^^ i wonder if someone will sub this episode

      • reika

        Thanks for answering. Honestly I didn’t know (^_^;