Introducing AKB48’s newest rival: KBG84

Rival groups playing off the AKB48 name are getting a little more ridiculous today. Introducing KBG84: the oldest idol group you’ve ever seen.

We’ve covered a few AKB48 unofficial spin off groups before, but this one takes the cake.

There are a huge number of idol groups operating within Japan, and in this plethora of talent, the birth of one such group has garnered an exceptional amount of attention. The name of that group is “KBG84”, whose members are all seniors, and their ages average at 84 years old, with the eldest member at 96 years old. Only people aged over 80 years old can apply, and those younger than 70 years old must only be active as a part of the group as a trainee.

KBG is an abbreviation of “Kohama-jima Baachan Gassho” (Kohama Island Grandma Chorus). The group’s aim is to enter NHK’s annual New Year’s Eve Red and White Song Battle. In Kohama-jima, it is said that one becomes an adult at age 80, which means that only then can they finally become a member of the group.

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You can check out their official website located at

Author: yuki