Hashimoto Nanami

Useless #11: Sayanee’s boobs, Kojiharu’s pantsu, Nanamin makes sushi for you!

What is not worth knowing today? Let’s see. Yamamoto Sayaka’s boob get harassed, Kojima Haruna gets harassed, and Nogizaka46’s Hashimoto Nanami really wants to make sushi for you! Fight!

Sayanee teams up with SMAP’s Kasunagi Tsuyoshi during a paired relay event. The point was to carry a balloon, without using your hands, along with your team member, and bring it to the finish line. Naturally, this entails some up close and personal moments, however some wota took notice of the way Kusanagi wraps his hand around Sayanee for some very “strategic” placement:

Imgur GIF

Kusanagi! Watch your hand!!

Speaking of improper things, let’s take a look at a segment where Okamura Takashi (of comedy duo Ninety Nine) performs with AKB48. Okamura falls down from exhaustion… but he wakes up eventually while the girls are performing Aitakatta. First, he’s laying down, but watch this sequence of events:

okamura sekuhara 01

okamura sekuhara 02

okamura sekuhara 03

okamura sekuhara 04

Midway through, Paruru also takes note and looks behind her:

A video clip of the segment is also available to watch here:

The last bit of useless information today is about Hashimoto Nanami. She can make sushi. Present for you. Fight!


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