Halloween Night MV make-up takes 8 hours

High profile make-up artist notwithstanding, the make-up for some members costumes took up to eight hours to complete!

Video director Kazuaki Seki, who has overseen MV’s of many famous artists, took the lead for the single.

A famous make-up artist, named JIRO, was responsible for the stunning make-up of the group’s members. He has been one to watch as a reformer within the art world of special make-up and modeling, has been featured in “Make-up Artist Magazine”, read in over 50 countries, and has been chosen as one of the “10 Rising Artists to Watch Worldwide.

For some members it took as many as 8 hours to transform into their full-scale costumes. The original article, from 47 news, doesn’t specify which costumes in particular were the most time consuming.

The members slip back in time to the golden age of disco for the MV of their new song. Filming took two days to complete in a studio located in a suburb of Tokyo, including extras in their 70s and 80s who took part by dancing to disco. Sashihara dances on a platform as the “Disco Queen”, underneath a striking mirror ball. The choreography was created by Papaya Suzuki, who was the same choreographer of “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie”, where Sashihara took up the position of center for the first time.

Sashihara was delighted with the result of the completed MV, saying “it’s been well-received by the other members, and I also really love it. It’s super impressive, the kind of MV that gets you up and going just by watching it. Every member is wearing really unique make-up, so you can enjoy it over and over again. Please make sure to get a look at everyone who took part in it.”

The Halloween Night CD Covers and the short version of Halloween Night MV have already been released in the meantime.

Author: yuki

  • Jack

    The girls probably sleep when they get it done. 8 hours is a crazy amount of time.

    • yuki

      Seriously man. I fall asleep just imagining sitting in one spot for eight hours.