Takahashi Juri’s letter to Kawaei Rina

Read during her graduation ceremony, here is Takahashi Juri’s letter to Kawaei Rina.

Update Aug 8, 2014 13:21 PST: apparently this is a slightly shortened version. There is a full version which will be translated shortly.

juri and kawaei 01

“This is the second letter I’ve written to you. The first one was during your 19th birthday celebration. I always wondered when I’d write you a second letter, but I never thought it would be at your graduation.” (この手紙は二度目です。1度目は川栄さんの19歳の生誕祭で、二度目がいつだろうと思っていたけどそれがまさか卒業のときだとは思ってもみなかった).

“When you told me about the day of your graduation, I cried when the day came, but there was also a part of me that was relieved” (卒業発表する日を伝えてくれたとき、ついにこの日が来てしまったかと泣いてしまったけど、ホッとしている自分もいました).

“The things you’re able to do as an AKB member decreased, and you really fought painfully, with you mind and soul, with whether or not you were necessary to AKB’s existence.” (AKBとしてできることが少なくなってから、川栄さんは、自分がAKBに必要なのか、心身ともに痛みと戦っていました).

“I’m happy that you don’t have to force yourself anymore. People change but, in a good way, I felt your unchanging nature really helped me.” (やっと無理をしなくてよくなるんだと嬉しい。人は変わっていくけど、川栄さんのいい意味での変わらなさに支えられていました).

“For teaching me so many important things, laughing for me, and supporting me, thank you very much. Even from now on, in addition to being my junior, you’ll always be my friend.” (大切なことをたくさん教えてくれて笑ってくれて、支えてくださってありがとうございました。この先も川栄さんの後輩でありずっと味方だからね).

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