Takamina appears in live-action Attack On Titan movie

Apparently, it was a huge secret, until a fan noticed Takahashi Minami’s name in the ending credits. Takamina later confirmed it on her 755 account, and provided some behind-the-scenes photos and other interesting details.

According to Yahoo News, there was a period last year where Takamina dyed her hair black (around June, 2014). Many fans thought of it nothing more than an image change, but apparently it was because she was being filmed for her part on Attack On Titan. The picture in question:

takamina black hair,たかみな,高橋みなみ

Here are some screenshots of her appearance in the film:

takamina attack on titan 04

takamina attack on titan 03

takamina attack on titan 02

takamina attack on titan 01

And lastly, Takamina shares some behind the scenes photos courtesy of her 755 account:

takamina attack on titan 05

takamina attack on titan 06

Author: reika

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  • Khaleesi

    What’s her role? a soldier?

    • YuiNounen

      if u look at her left chest she has this two roses emblem attached to her uniform, yes she is soldier, work under Garrison military branch.

      • reika

        Thanks for informing. Actually I didn’t know the answer, other than its minor role.

        • YuiNounen

          no problem, thats pretty much all i know xD.