Useless #12: Erii’s udon, Nishino bounces, Mayuyu kicks zombies

Things not worth knowing today are: Chiba Erii eats udon, Nishino Nanase bounces to the beat of Taiyo Knock, and Watanabe Mayu kicks some zombies.

Chiba Erii, 2015 Draft Member for Team 4, eats udon. Yes. There is not much more to it than. Observe, courtesy of Mukaichi Mion:

chiba erii

Unusually, this reminds me of Yokoyama Yui eating too:

yokoyama yui

Speaking of eating (or not speaking about it at all), how would you like to see some jumping action? Yes? Okay! Here is Nishino Nanase, of Nogizaka 46, doing some bouncing while performing Taiyo Knock:

Imgur GIF
Meanwhile, Oshima Ryoka and Watanabe Mayu fend off some zombies. Most notably, Mayuyu’s low kick is pretty terrible at stopping the undead:

Some pictures of said kicks:

mayuyu zombie 01

mayuyu zombie 02

mayuyu zombie 03

I’m afraid that Mayuyu would not fare well in the zombie apocalypse!


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  • Sam

    The times at Majisuka Gakuen didn’t worth…

    • reika

      lol, yes that’s true.