The wonderful and “painful” vehicles of proud idol wotas!

Check out the latest wota transport vehicle. Some otaku certainly wear their pride without shame!

A recent 2ch thread starts with a poster showing us a glimpse at a decked out bicycle of a Nogizaka46 fan. Clearly, Ikoma Rina is his (or her!) oshimen:

itachari nogizaka

The thread continues on to provide some other examples of similarly adorned wota vehicles:

Are you brave enough to adorn your vehicle with the markings of an idol otaku?!

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Sam

    As with the NMB neckties, this is going too far. They went full otaku.. you can’t go full otaku.. for mental health… lol

    • reika

      lol, it’s maybe okay with other wota around?

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Haha woah the love is too strong

    • reika

      lol yes it’s true! But at least they have pride as idol otaku.

  • Mireya Cardenas

    once I decorated one of my journals with pictures of japanese singers that I liked..and people at school were weirded I can only imagine how people would react wit a car -_- on a side note I think the car with mariko in the front looks pretty awesomeXD