Useless #13: Maayan feels good, unofficial senbatsu photo, Paruru characters

Let’s learn something useless about AKB48 today! First, Shiraishi Mai feels good, a new senbatsu member photo appears, and a talented artist draws some Shimazaki Haruka cartoon characters.

Think pure thoughts. Pure as freshly fallen snow. Now, watch these videos of Shiraishi Mai receiving a massage. Be sure to play it with sound!

Next, we already have seen the official senbatsu photos, now here’s some unofficial photos of the top sixteen members:

senbatsu unofficial 01

There seems to be two version of this photo. Can you spot the difference?

senbatsu unofficial

I can barely see Watanabe Mayu smiling!

Last, but not least, caricatures of AKB members are nothing new really, and we even saw Takamina making many of them with the Sanrio Character creator. Recently, some fan art surfaces, but this time of many different drawn versions of Shimazaki Haruka:

paruru character drawings

Too cute!


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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    “Think pure thoughts” hahahahaha ehhh maiyan XD and I love the last drawing of paruru she looks so cute <3