Kotani Riho first photo book on sale next month

NMB48’s Kotani Riho’s first photo book, called, “Jaguchi”, goes on sale in September of this year, and promises to be a very uniquely themed photo collection.

The literal meaning of “Jaguchi” is “faucet”, which is already a fairly unique name unto itself. According, Kotani shares a photo on her 755 account of her… and a faucet:

kotani riho,小谷里歩 02

The overall theme of the photo book itself is rather unique for an idol: the theme is “poverty”, a reference to Kotani’s personal life growing up a socioeconomically disadvantaged background. She has mentioned her poor family background in many variety shows previously.

She grew up in the grittier parts of Osaka, and the photo book’s will feature Kotani inside a junky old apartment in her native Osaka. Of course, the book will also feature more “standard” idol faire, such as shots on a beach in Okinawa.

When Akimoto Yasushi saw the book for the first time he’s quoted as saying, “This is the first time I’ve looked at a photo book and laughed. No matter where and whatever she does, Ripopo is really cute”.

Another interesting photo Kotani shared on her 755 account recently:

kotani riho,小谷里歩 01

I wonder how many times she threw that bottle of water.

Author: reika

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  • Sam

    Just can’t wait till next month.. I’m impatient.

  • h36113

    She didn´t throw. It fell out of the sky.