Masuda Yuka: I got tired of living everyday

Former AKB48 idol Yuka Masuda celebrated her 24th birthday and reflected on her current state of mind.

Masuda graduated from AKB in December 2012 during a media uproar over a love scandal exposed by a weekly magazine. Two and a half years later, she decided to reach out on the day she turned 24, writing, “I am now at an age where there is no point in deception . . . LOL. And I’ve been told more often that I have willpower. I wonder how I have come to this new ‘resolution’ even without realizing it myself? LOL.”

Until now, Masuda has been over stretching herself, saying, “I couldn’t overcome that gap and I just got tired of living every day.” Recently, however, she has been able to freely expose her shortcomings, which has made her easier on herself. She said the people around her have been accepting and often tell her things like, “I like you this way!”

She earnestly thanked her supportive fans and staff, saying, “When I was in my teens I said, ‘I hate growing up!’ but now I realize that aging prepares you with experience.”

Author: yuki