Useless #14: Yukarun’s kicks, double hafuun, Jurina’s Eva cosplay

What’s not worth knowing today? Glad you asked! Sasaki Yukari does some crazy kicking, Sakurai Reika and Shiraishi Mai from Nogizaka46 do a double “hafuun”, and Matsui Jurina shows us some Evangelion cosplay!

Recently, we saw that Watanabe Mayu’s low kicks are pretty weak, so today let’s look at some super strong high kicks.  These kicks of courtesy of Sasaki Yukari:

Well, it’s not exactly a kick, but it looks pretty strong! In case you missed it, her knee pretty much hits her chest: yukarun kicks Shiraishi Mai is well known for her signature “hafuun” move. If you’re unfamiliar with such a move, here’s what it looks like: Imgur GIF

During a concert with Captain Sakurai Reika, we witness the evolution of the Hafuun: the DOUBLE hafuun!


The last item that is not worth knowing today has to do with the super popular anime Evangelion, most notable a character known as Mari, who looks something like this:

eva mari

What can make this even better? The answer is: a super cute girl cosplaying said anime girl! It also helps if that girl is Matsui Jurina. Observe:

jurina eva cosplay

That is pretty good cosplay! I prefer the Jurina version (^_^)


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