Former AKB Komori Mika has a baby

AKB members do have lives after they graduate! Some continue with the celebrity life, others return to their normal lifestyle. For Komori Mika, her post-AKB life is marriage with children.

This news comes courtesy of the Twitter feed of Maeda Ami, who happens to be part of the same 7th generation as Komorin.

komorin baby 01

komorin baby 02

komorin baby 03

The original tweet is as follows:

Ami: “I met my beloved best friend Komori! As part of the birth celebration, I gave her some Disney limited baby clothing! The baby is too cute!! It was very heartwarming to see Komori as a mother. She hasn’t changed at all, but now she’s a proper mom. I hope this baby will grow up healthy.”

Congratulations to Komorin!!

Author: reika

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