Useless #15: Takamina is tiny, Meru is fat, Shuu spitting

More useless news to fill your time! Takahashi Minami looks really tiny, Tashima Meru is getting dangerously fat, and Yabushita Shuu is doing non-idol things like spitting

Takamina stands at a very tall 148.5 centimeters at height (if you’re American, that is about 4 feet, 10.5 inches). … which is actually a little on the short side. But many have noticed recently not only her height, but Takamina’s relative size in this series of photos with other members:

tiny takamina 01

tiny takamina 02

tiny takamina 03

tiny takamina 04

If you’re curious about size, here’s another photo with our adorkable leader, KojiTroll, and Sakura-tan standing next to each other:

tiny takamina 05

Speaking of size, let’s talk about size. We talked a little before about fat members, and recently fat photos of a fatter Tashima Meru are floating around the internet these days:

tashima meru plump 01

tashima meru plump

Many comments online about plump idols are usually about opinions that idols should uphold a certain image. Idols don’t burp. Idols do not fart. And idols do not spit things out. Unless you are Yabushita Shu:



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Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Sam

    When I’m going to Japan, I’m gonna hide Takamina in my pocket and bring her to México..

    • reika

      Takamina belongs to everyone! But you can try that, lol

  • h36113

    It´s insane to call her fat

    • zepequeno

      but she is, how can you deny it?

    • reika

      In some way, you’re correct I think! It depends on comparison.

      But compared to her other team HKT48 members, she’s a little plumper (^_^;)