A long time wota has never been to AKB theater. Strange?

A recent thread was started by an AKB fan asking a very simple question: is it strange to be an AKB fan for such a long time, but not buy theater versions of CDs and not attend theaters?

Understandably, this probably is a question from someone living in Japan, who’d have relatively easier access to attend AKB events. The question is simply: “I’ve been a otaku for five years, but I’ve never I’ve never purchased the theater version of CDs. Is that strange?”

What follows is some interesting answers, and other otaku who have similar sentiments:

  • “That’s pretty normal.  When I attend tour concerts or other live performances, I usually talk to whoever is next to me. There are a lot of people who have never bought theater versions or have never gone to the theater”.
  • “To each his own. Doesn’t matter, right?”
  • “You’re just guarding your house”
  • “I buy the Blu-ray discs, but I’ve never purchased a single CD. That type of wota does exist.”
  • “I’ve never purchased a CD before!”
  • “I’ve been a wota for 4 years, but I’ve never been to a handshake event”
  • “I always buy digitally.  I did buy the Flying Get CD once though”
  • “When I’m after the CDs, I’ve purchased one when it was 100 yen”
  • “I buy the theater versions, but I never go to handshaking events”
  • “There’s usually an original song that’s only in the theater versions, so that’s why I buy. I never go to handshake events though.”
  • “I’ve only ever purchased the photo book of my oshimen”
  • “There’s also otaku who only ever buy the CDs for the sousenkyo.”
  • “The CDs would get delivered to my house. If they arrive on the weekday afternoon, and my wife found out, she’d pass out!”
  • “I live in the country-side, so I only buy the normal editions. There’s a lot of people like that.”

There are wide variety of otaku types!  Have you ever been an AKB48 theater, handshake / photo event, or concert?

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • DXTakamina

    and then there is an idiot like me who travels halfway around the world to see them lol
    (attending rena graduation concerts, both days and janken tourney)

    • reika

      That sounds nice! (^_^) And good timing too. Hopefully the summer heat will be less by then.

  • i don’t think it’s strange. People are satisfied seeing their oshimen from afar, some are commited to the point of buying 200 tickets to see them in handshake. I don’t think one is superior than one other because he spend more money.

    • reika

      Sure I think so too. There are many types of fans! I think there’s sometimes focus on more extreme fans too.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    My fangirl life in a nutshell tbh lol I thought I was the only one who doesn’t purchase CD’s and all that. Been a fan for a year but I think the only CD that i’ll ever have is Bokutachi, I don’t collect things too but I do have one pic of my oshi lol. Fans like us show our love through sincerely supporting our idol lol I think we’re one of the most sincere fans out there ^__^