Yamauchi Suzuran meets The Terminator

Suzuran comes face to face with The Terminator. What else would Suzuran be doing besides playing gold these days?  Apparently, she also attends movie premiers and interviews celebrities.

Many of the comments online focus on a few burning questions, and reveals some interesting facts.

First of all, does Suzuran really speak any English?  The answer: “She memorized a simple self introduction when she introduced herself to Emilia Clarkson.  For Arnold, there was really not time, so she was only able to ask one question.”  The other point: Arnold had a translator in tow, so no issues there.

Another fact: apparently, Suzuran’s father really likes The Terminator series and that’s why Suzuran watches it as well.

Photos from the event:

suzuran terminator 03

suzuran terminator 02

suzuran terminator 01

Author: reika

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