AKB48 heading to Europe: concert in Belgium?

A foreign newspaper article makes the rounds on 2ch today, which seems to report a senator from Belgium, who is also an AKB48 fan!

The original newspaper is show below, as well as what appears to be a video summarizing the key points about the senator, who appears to name Istasse Jean-francois. The video below (Japanese only, sorry):

The video seems to present the following story:

Istasse was hospitalized due to illness for about 3 months in 2012. It’s said that he discovered AKB48 during that time, by means of social media. He became more interested in Japanese culture and working society.

According to Istasse: AKB48’s songs talk about difficult problems concerning the heart and working life. Even so, it always sends a message to keep living positively. He says that the concept of positivity has disappeared in Europe, and the faith and beliefs of younger generations are being lost. He believes that’s what they lack these days.

He visited Japan, met with AKB48’s management, and they are planning to hold a concert in Belgium.

Here are some photos of the senator showing off his fandom:

istasse - AKB fan

istasse - AKB fan

istasse - AKB fan

If this is true, all I have to say is: wow! It’s funny and awesome at the same time.

The original newspaper article:

belgium newspaper article

Author: reika

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  • h36113

    I can be in Brussels in three hours. Just say when!

    • reika

      Wow! It’s very close to Germany, isn’t it?

  • LilytheRed

    Go for it Istasse ! We’ll be there :3 just make it happen on a week-end lol

    • reika

      Oh! Are you also from Europe area as well?

      • LilytheRed

        Yes I’m from France 🙂 did you know Paruru is going to come soon for a movie festival ?

        • reika

          Is the movie festival in Europe also? I guess she’s popular over there?

          Since this was published, I also read some extra details that said Istasse’s oshimen is Paruru?!

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Maybe i’m just making a big deal out of it but I think this guy is a paruru oshi lol because if you’d look at the pic where koisuru fortune cookie was playing, that scene is where paruru appeared lol XD

    • reika

      lol, yes I think you’re right. I read about some details afterward that his oshimen is Paruru! It’s so interesting I think, because Paruru’s appeal is universal!