Akimoto orders manager to give Sasshi less work

A fan expresses worry about Sashihara Rino’s poor health and goes directly to Akimoto Yasushi for help.

Courtesy of Akimoto Yasushi’s 755 feed:

akimoyo yasushi 755

Fan: “Akimoto-san, it seems that Sasshi is in poor health. She said she feels like vomiting! Please help her”

Akimoto: “Sashihara also works too much. I’ve asked her manager to put in less work for her.”

Responses online are kind enough:

  • “Really?! Since Rino-chan wants to appear on TV a lot, this might be a dilemma for her”
  • “She doesn’t have to push herself so hard”
  • “An energetic Sashihara is the best! She doesn’t have to work so hard that it ruins her health.”
  • “I want her to keep going, but becoming in bad health is just pointless. Taking a break is also part of work.”
  • “This seems to be happening a lot; it’s a real problem”
  • “Everyone’s having a hard time.”
  • “You should decrease the number of handshaking events!”

There seems to be a quite a number of members taking a break from handshaking events lately; let’s hope they stay in good health!

Author: reika

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