Useless #16: girls kissing, zombie Hori-chan, more boob grabbing

What’s not worth knowing today? Well! A 2ch thread about girls kissing, Nogizaka46’s Hori Miona undergoes a zombie transformation, and Tomonaga Mio is the latest victim of boob grab.

An “interesting” 2ch thread popped up recently, and asks a relatively simple question: “When someone mentions the top three possible lesbians in the 48-groups, there’s Jonishi Kei and Kato Rena: who’s the third?”

Ignoring the possible answers, what follows is a smattering of pictures of girls kissing, but most notable, this small video:

Imgur GIF

It’s been noted that Halloween Night’s make-up and costume takes up to eight hours, but Nogizaka46 member also shows off some new make-up. Here’s what Hori-chan normally looks like:

hori miona,堀未央奈

And here she is after some make-up:

hori miona,堀未央奈 zombie ゾンビ

hori miona,堀未央奈 zombie ゾンビ

It seems like the norm that boobs get grabbed, as we’ve seen with booth Sayanee and Tanaka Natsumi, so it’s no surprised that more boob grabbing would occur. The latest victim being Tomonaga Mio:

tomonaga mio boob grab


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