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Useless #18: funny Yuko, Sadako Akarin, Kojiharu’s butt, Haruppi the loner

There are so many useless things! But you don’t need to look at them, really. Unless you want to! Today, we see an older Oshima Yuko, Yoshida Akari doing her impression of Sadako, Kojima Haruna shows us her butt (again), and Kodama Haruka has a strange moment by herself.

It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about how wonderfully beautiful that Oshima Yuko looks. But she seems to have changed a little bit, with her recent appearance on TV show called “Trick Hunter”. Here ‘s the photo:

funny looking oshima yuko

Perhaps she is just tired? Or a picture just captured at the right moment?

Here’s another funny looking photo:

Yoshida Akari

If you cannot guess, this is a picture of NMB48’s Yoshida Akari! At first, it reminded me of Sadako from Japanese horror movie, “The Grudge”. Here’s what the super scary Sadako looks like:

sadako the grudge

Thankfully, Yoshida Akari is much cuter to look at that Sadako! Here are the rest of the photos from the series:

This next picture is really boring because, honestly, we have all seen Kojima Haruna’s butt before! In any case, many people are still making a big deal of her recent offshoot photos. Because her butt is showing!

For the last entry, we witness some more HKT48’s Kodama Haruka… she is standing… off to the side… eyes closed… for no reason.

kodama haruka
What are you doing Haruppi?!

Seriously, what’s she doing?

kodama haruka


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  • Bloodforge

    You’ve never closed your eyes and looked up while standing in the rain? It’s quite refreshing.

    • jell0


    • reika

      I usually stay away from rain, lol (^_^;)

  • jell0

    What!??! She’s listening to the rain~♡

  • Kiki

    Blasphemy. Kojibooty are never boring >:)
    I really want a body like her. It’s not too skinny and not too chubby with all the curved

  • Tony Zhang

    she is praying to sashi god

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Hahahaha i’m laughing so much haruppi’s so cute and weird at the same time XD