Yukirin says: Don’t worry, my manager took the photo

Her scandal is all but forgotten, but Kashiwagi Yuki still remains careful of her fans when she posts some photos of private time off via Twitter.

First, the tweet in question, where Yukirin shows us spending time with her close friend (and graduated AKB48 member), Katayama Haruka:

Translation of the message: “Summer memories from the other day. I was with Haa-chan at Odaiba Yume Tairiku. I recommend going at night too”.

Not such a strange message, but she adds the following three hash tags (roughly translated): “Odaiba Yume Tairiku”, “The photographer is my manager”, “Don’t worry, lol”.

Of course, like all things dealing with this scandal, nothing is confirmed, most especially what Yukirin means by, “Don’t worry.”

Anyway! Haa-chan is so cute!

yukirin haachan

yukirin haachan

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Suspicious desu ne~ :> welp whatever i still like yukirin