Matsui Jurina’s first photo book announced

Matsui Jurina’s first photo book comes out for release, next month. Simply titled, “Jurina” (using the Roman alphabet), it will go on sale on September 9th, 2015.

The film shoots took place in three locations: Okinawa, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Unusually enough, nowhere in Nagoya! The theme is described as exposition of Jurina as she grows from age 17 to 18, showing us the girly and adult side of Jurina.

This is the Jurina’s first photo book in the seven years since she’s been a member of SKE48, and apparently filming started during the shooting of SKE48’s latest single, “Mae No Meri” (which was also filmed in Okinawa).

So far, the following preview images have been released:

mastui jurina,松井珠理奈, 写真集

mastui Jurina,松井珠理奈, 写真集

mastui jurina,松井珠理奈, 写真集

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