oppai senbatsu,おっぱい選抜

Useless #19: Boob Senbatsu

This is so useless that it deserves its own useless post! Let’s look at some OPPAI today.

This is probably old news but it’s the first time I’m seeing this, so it’s news to me. So it’s USELESS NEWS for you maybe, lol. Also there was so many articles about it.

Okay, that’s enough warning. This OPPAI Senbatsu segment took place during the summer concert in Saitama in early August, 2015. Please take a look!

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Imgur GIF

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Sorry, that’s all for today. More useless news to come later!


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Author: reika

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  • Sam

    I need a doctor ASAP, my blood pressure needs to be measure.

    Ok, that was too much information in one comment.

  • h36113

    Sato Amina should have made a comeback appearance.
    And maybe Deguchi Aki from SKE.

  • Baronvzangestu

    where can I find the video to this?

    • reika

      Hm, I am not sure where! It was part of a concert, so it might be available for a while.

  • jcidndkdkn

    What is the name of this song??!

    • reika

      Honestly I don’t know. Sorry!

    • hollowman

      keep-out skirt: Romance Kenjuu ( ロマンス拳銃)

      rainbow skirt: Scandalous Ni Ikou (スキャンダラスに行こう! )

      • reika

        Thanks :))