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Mastui Rena: wanted to graduate three years ago, but couldn’t…

Courtesy of recent a recent episode of Mujack, Matsui Rena gives us some background about the reasoning behind her graduation.

Source video is at the bottom (sorry, Japanese only). However, the exchange between Takamina and Matsui Rena goes something like this:

Minami: “When I look at you, I thought that maybe you’ve been thinking about graduation for a while! Maybe for about the last three years.” (私から見た玲奈は、もっと前から卒業を考えていたなって私は思ってるんだよ、多分3年ぐらい前から)

Rena: “You’ve guessed right! I’m surprised.” (当たってます(笑)びっくり)

Minami: “Yeah, it’s been three years. When you think about SKE’s current state, maybe you felt that they need you, that you needed to be there, and that you had many things you needed to do. I bet there was a time when I thought you were definitely hiding that fact” (うん。それから3年経って・・・やっぱりこうSKEという現状を考えたときに、まだ自分は必要なんだ、いなきゃいけない、やんなきゃいけないことがあるなって思って、きっと思いを留めてたんだなっていう時期があって・・・)

Rena: “But, it was a lot of fun. I guess I shouldn’t use the past tense. It’s fun, really. Even looking back at the difficult times, it was fun. Devoting oneself to something is really fun, so it was all really enjoyable. So I’m really glad that I went through all of it” (でも楽しかったです。過去形にしちゃダメですね。楽しいんでホントに。大変だったことも思い返すと全部楽しいし、なんかそうやって打ち込めてることも楽しいし全部楽しいから、だからやってて良かったなって思ってます)

Minami: “Do you think it was good that you kept quiet these three years?” (3年前に言わなくてよかったなって思いますか?)

Rena: “Yes, I do” (思いますよ)

Minami: “Great! I’m glad you’re saying that with a smile” (よかった。笑顔でそれを言ってくれてよかったです)

Rena-chan, we miss you already!

The Mujack episode can be viewed here (Japanese only):

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Rena is such a good person, thinking about SKE’s future before herself. I’m happy for her, I hope she succeeds in acting she deserves it :’)

    • reika

      Yeah! I hope she finds some good friends as well 🙂

  • Mechabolt

    Theres no way SKE will survive if she left 3 years ago.Jurina was 15 and couldnt carry anything on her shoulder alone,even with all her years of experience.SKE needed a mother figure to help them be like they are now,and thats Rena’s role

    Now SKE is in good place with Jurina maturing and some good members showing promises,and no better time for Rena to leave.

    • reika

      I wonder if she felt that way because so many members of SKE48 had graduated. I started watching SKE48’s seikai seifuku joshi for the first time this year, and thinking there were so many members I liked. But then I researched them, and so many have graduated (T-T)