NGT48 First appearance on August 21st

Courtesy of the NGT48’s manager Imamura Etsurou, the first generation members of NGT48 will be performing for this first time later this month.

We talked previously about NGT48’s first generation audition, although details were lacking at the time. On the official Google Plus account for NGT48’s manager, Imamura Etsurou, he reveals some details about their first performance:

Translation is as follows:

Everyone, thank you and sorry to keep you waiting. I want to give you some information about NGT48’s first introduction.”

NGT48’s Introduction

August 21st, 2015, Friday
In Niigata City limits
In the area in front of Minato Bia History Museum.

Everyone, if you’re able, it’s been a really short time, but we’ve been practicing very hard. Right now, with every last bit of strength, they’ll be singing and dancing. Please have a look at the greatest moment for NGT48’s first generation members.

Also, we’ve rushed and made NGT merchandise. These are limited to NGT48’s first appearance. The merchandise corner will open in the afternoon after 1pm.

I hope you’ll please give us your support.

Are you looking forward to the coming of the latest 48 sister group?

Author: reika

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