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Useless #20: Kojimako the beaver, Kojiharu ORA’s, Paruru eats, Mocchi eats Mio

You should really not read this, because it’s USELESS! Today, Kojima Mako turns into a beaver, Kojima Haru screams ORA, ORA, ORA, and Shimazaki Haruka eats stuff. Is this useful to know?!?!

We poked fun at Kojimako’s very cute but serious face before, and we shall poke even more fun, as another one of Kojima Mako’s face pictures has resurfaced:

kojimako beaver

Switching over to something really nostalgic, we’re greeted with Kojima Haruna, who really likes to chant, “ORA, ORA, ORA ATSUKU NARE!”. Watching as Takajo Aki and Takamina answer some very serious questions, while Kojima chants in the background:

And next, let’s watch Paruru eat. Yup, that’s all:

Paruru Eating
Paruru Eating

Paruru Eating
Paruru Eating

Paruru Eating

Speaking of eating, here’s Kuramochi Asuka eating Tomonaga Mio’s arm:

mocchi mio arm eating


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Author: reika

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  • vu la

    Thats an otter.
    A beaver looks totally different

    • reika

      Okay, thanks for correction

  • Tony Zhang

    Keep this coming, I love it

    • reika

      Hmm, I will try, but at a slower pace (^^)