kinoshita momoka,木下百花

Enjoy Momoka’s “at your own risk” food tour!

Hentai character Momoka Kinoshita opens an “at your own risk” gourmet tour.

This interesting “announcement” took place on August 15th, at the kick-off evening performance of NMB48’s Request Hour (a performance of the Top 100 Songs of 2015), located at Kobe World Memorial Hall.

NMB48’s Momoka Kinoshita announced that the Osaka Shitamachi Gourmet Tour, which was planned since last fall’s tour, will commence at the beginning of November. She made the announcement at the evening performance on the first day of the Request Hour (Top 100 Songs of 2015) concert taking place in Kobe.

Kinoshita, who is known for hentai character, said the content of the tour is a “secret” even to her. She appeared to have a general idea of the plan, but said, “If I told you, no one would apply. You should sign up at your own risk. If something happens, neither I nor the staff will help you.”

Fellow NMB48 member, Airi Tanigawa asked, “Didn’t someone say something about a bug eating tour?” But Kinoshita dismissed her with a wry smile. “We’re recruiting pure masochists,” Kinoshita said.

“Shitamachi” is a colloquial term for the traditionally lower social level (merchant class) or industrial areas of large cities.

In my own experience, these areas (such as the eastern side of Tokyo proper) tend to be a little … grittier than the polished city centers such as Ginza or Roppongi.

Author: yuki

  • Sam

    This lady is going places, I like her.

    • yuki

      Indeed – one of those places being Shitamachi. I like her as well, as she seems to be one of the more colorful characters in the group.