halloween night covers

Halloween Night coupling MVs

Wow, so many coupling songs. All at once. The short versions music video of Halloween Night’s various coupling songs were released recently.

I like the visual of Kimi Ni Wedding Dress, and the tradition style of Ippo Me Ondo, but I suppose my favorite so far is Sayonara Surfboard. Haruppi looks too cute!  Do you have a favorite?


Author: reika

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  • Benjialarue

    My favorite song is Kimi dake ga aki meiteita, i think… but I, too, like the traditional feeling of Ippome Ondo.

    • reika

      Me too! It feels like I’m watching a Japanese festival (^_^)

  • Kayseur

    I think my favorite one is Ippome Ondo, followed by Mizu no Naka no Dendouritsu. At least music-wise, because visually they’re all pretty great! I’d buy them just for that, especially Kimi ni Wedding Dress. But is it me or they’re not selling them on blu-ray? I only see CD+DVD version, which is weird since it is uploaded in 1080p on YouTube. (I’m still relatively new to these kind of things.)

    • reika

      I agree, it’s really strange they still sell DVDs only with the CDs. I guess they just follow tradition. Ippome Ondo is pretty nice! It has a nice Japanese feel to it (^-^)