Kojimako’s stalker!

Not to be outdone by Takahashi Minami, it appears that Kojima Mako is also avoiding a stalker recently.

Takamina is not the only one who is avoid stalkers these days! It all starts with a series of messages recounted via Kojimako’s 755 account:

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 01

Fan: “Mako-chan, how are you?”

Mako: “Unusually enough, since this morning, I haven’t been well.”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 02

Fan: “What’s the matter, Mako-chan?”

Mako: “This morning, I was chased by a weirdo!”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 03

Mako: “Geez”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 04

Fan: “Mako-chan, are you okay? Do you remember his face?”

Mako: “I forgot.”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 05

Fan: “What? Are you okay? It wasn’t a fan, was it?”

Mako: “Ah! He was definitely not a fan! Amongst my fans, there isn’t someone like that.  He’s was just some pervert!”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 06

Fan: “What? You okay?”

Mako: “Well, I run really fun. Finally (that skill) is useful!”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 07

Fan: “Good morning. Mako-chan, are you alright?”

Mako: “Yeah… when I read everyone’s comments, I felt a lot better. Thanks.”

kojimako stalker, 小島真子 08

Fan: “During summer vacations, there’s are perverted weirdos who get off on looking at young girls, aren’t there? Please be careful, okay?”

Mako: “Yeah, but, you know, it was some guy who was wearing a decent looking suit. He followed after me, and then said a bunch of weird stuff in my ear. No one would think that would happen, right? And then, when I looked at him, he stuck his tongue out at me.  What kind of person does that at his age?!”

Like Takamina’s case, at least this didn’t escalate into a serious incident!

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • LilytheRed

    Omg ! People oO poor baby 🙁

    • reika

      It’s really a pity (T-T). These girls probably get hassled more than we think!

  • Jack

    I think this happens more often than not. And it seems like he got quite close to her too!

    • reika

      You are probably right — this is just about one that she shares too!

  • Kiki

    Eww…sounds like a random perv that chased after her…she should’ve ran to police office nearby and reported him. I know japan have those police posts on streets i think? They could find him bc he might bother other girls afterward…