Oshima Yuko: I couldn’t live withou Miyazawa Sae

Oshima Yuko and Miyazawa Sae get together for Sae’s birthday and once again reaffirm their long standing friendship.

Former AKB48 member, Oshima Yuko (already 26 years old!) uploaded a photo on Instagram of herself with Miyazawa Sae, whose 25th birthday was on August 13, 2015.

oshima yuko miyazawa sae 大島優子 宮澤佐江

Oshima included a comment showing her gratitude for Miyazawa: “Happy Birthday to my best friend. I met you 10 years ago, and now you are someone that I couldn’t live without. Thank you for allowing me to know what it is like to wish someone true happiness from the heart. Let’s walk together for the rest of our lives,” followed by a comment in English, “I wish your happiness.”

Readers sent comments in response, such as “Sae-chan, Happy Birthday. You both will always be close friends,” “I love SaeYuu, love you, for now and forever,” and “That’s so precious”.

Author: yuki

  • LilytheRed

    Thank you for the translation ^^ I always love those friendship declaration !!

    • yuki

      You are very welcome. It’s sometimes so heartwarming thinking about the close relationships these girls have with each other.