HKT48 Matsuoka Natsumi’s first photobook on sale

Matsuoka Natsumi of HKT48 will release her first photo book “Tsuishin” (“Post script”) on September 24, 2015.

The photo shoot took place on Rito Island located in the Seto Inland Sea, and features her wearing outfits such as a school uniform, swimsuit and yukata.

In April, through a collaboration with the Live Talk App 755 (where people can talk to celebrities) and manga magazine “Weekly Young Jump”, Matsuoka competed against AKB48’s Sasaki Yukari and Kawamoto Saya for the most views on their individual pages, and won. This gave her the right to release a solo photbook.

“It will be a photo book that anyone can enjoy. I am so incredibly happy! I’d like to make a photo book that is filled with the real me. Not too vibrant, not too bright. But I’d like to take some photos that do have warmth within those two extremes. I do feel a bit self-conscious, but I want everyone to see the life-sized Matsuoka Natsumi!”

The photo book is A4 size, with 112 pages, priced at 1600 yen plus tax, with photography by Sato Hiroyuki. Press release images released sent out so far:

matsuoka natsumi 04

matsuoka natsumi 03


matsuoka natsumi 01

Author: yuki

  • h36113

    Sometimes I´m bad with faces, but isn´t that in the pic with the white bra?

    • yuki

      Nope, you’re right! Madoka is releasing a photo book about the same time next month (still untitled, I think?). I just got the photos mixed up. Whoopsies!