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Tatsuya Makiho’s mother voices concern about stalker

Wow, it seem that stalker news is going crazy! Next up is Tatsuya Makiho, who’s scared enough that her mother steps in to address her fans.

First Takamina has a stalker, then Kojimako find a stalker. Next, is Tatsuya Makiho, who’s stalker story takes it to a completely new level.  Details are less forthcoming as it seems to be a very serious matter, as they come in the form of warnings on various SNS services:


“This is Makiho’s mother.  Thanks for always supporting my daughter. I’m filled with thanks from receiving all your warm comments, advice, and encouragement.  It is thanks to all of you that my daughter is able to thrive as an AKB member.  But there are also some comments and actions that are making things difficult.  As a parent, every day, I’m being very cautious.  These past few months, I’ve been feeling very scared.  Before things get out of hand, please be careful of doing things that go too far.  From now on, with your support, I hope she continues to grow.  Please take care.”

A second comment follows after:


“To those who don’t understand what I’m saying, sorry for the uncomfortable comment.  I’ve made you worry.  I’ll erase it in the morning.  As a parent, I think I might be intruding too much, but I want to protect my daughter, so please understand.”

As to what Makiho’s mother is referring to, that early this year in March, there seems to be some pretext to this, in the form of a few 755 comments:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 5.29.24 PM

Fan: “Maki-chan, where are you? :)”

Makiho: “You’re like a stalker. I’m scared.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 5.29.35 PM

Makiho: “Your comment is so scary. Please stop it.”

Hopefully, this is the last news about Tatsuya Makiho’s stalker!

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Ehh maybe she just misunderstood the fan? In my opinion asking your idol where she is normal..? (unless that guy/girl has been asking the same question over and over) lol but the 2nd comment stirred things up, and then it turned creepy. Is it just on 755? if it is then probly it’s just some bored fan, probly harmless unless there are reports of makiho being followed or something now that’s a different story.

    • reika

      There was much more from her 755 feed, but I didn’t translate it all :-/ It was basically just the same guy asking her to go to places, and when she refused, he’d asked her location and what she does after she leaves the theater, etc. (o_0) Hopefully this doesn’t escalate!

      • Payuyu Fortyeight

        Okay now that’s creepy ._.