This SKE48 wota is too cute

A recent 2ch makes note of a relatively cute SKE48 wota. She is too cute… until you find out her secret!

Looks can be deceiving. But every now and then fans will spot cute non-members such as female staff and other unknown fans. Here are photos of the female wota in question:

aikachu 01

aikachu 02

aikachu 03

aikachu 04

As you might have noticed, this is no ordinary girl!  It turns out her name is Kizaki Miyu, and she is part of a very, very  minor idol group called “Aikachu”, based in Nagoya.

A video of a recent performance at Akiba Idol Festival can be seen here:

Most of the thread debated whether she was cute enough to be a member of AKB48:

  • “If she entered SKE, she’d be buried, right? As a normal person, so I thought she’s amazingly cute”
  • “Her style and surroundings make her very cute, but what about her face? She’s not really that cute.”
  • “If you think she’s not cute, you’re crazy! She’d be in the top 3% if she were part of AKB”
  • “She’s has a face that looks like it would be an AKB member”
  • “I want to know the oshimen of the people who says she’s ugly.”
  • “It’s weird that if you think she’s a normal person, but then discover she’s an idol, and then feel how ‘low-level’ she is”

What do you think?

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    I say that the girl is cute (y) it’s good to see cute wotas every now and then ^^ (lol did that sound offensive?)