Is Kibou-teki refrain about a stalker?

A recent 2ch thread takes a whole new perspective of Kibou-teki Refrain’s lyrics.

The thread’s original creator quotes a verse from the song:

When I turned around this corner,
I knew you were there.
Across from the sunlight,
I knew I was getter closer.
ふいに近づく 予感がしたよ

This is real love.
I’ve got this weird feeling.
This thing that’s lasted so long,
it’s probably fate.

I love you too much (I love you too much)
I love you too much (I love you too much)
I love you too much (Wow wow wow)
I can’t see anyone but you.
好きすぎて(WOW WOW WOW・・・)

Hmm…. it loses something in translation unfortunately.

Of course, being 2ch, the thread breaks down into a pessimistic and funny downward spiral:

  • “No, in the lyrics, it said that they ‘unexpectedly’ met”
  • “‘Unexpectedly’? That was probably necessary, but that’s because she was waiting to ambush you”
  • “Good looking guy? It’s romantic. Disgusting wota? You’re a stalker. That is society’s evaluation”
  • “If you think about Muryoku Sympathy, it’s just about some perverted guy’s day dreams”
  • “Heavy Rotation is totally perverted too, isn’t it?”
  • “Just thinking about Flying Get is pretty risky!”
  • “Most of AKB’s songs come from the perspective of wota’s, right?”

I’d say that many love-related songs can possibly be misinterpreted with the wrong perspective.

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    LOL at the 3rd and the last comment, yea me too i totally agree that some of their songs could be misinterpreted sometimes